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Sorry I poured so much smoothies on Ruff Ruffman, but it was such a fun! Ruff is cool as usually! Enjoy making original meat/fruit smoothies together with the best smoothie maker RUFF RUFFMAN! If you like Ruff Ruffman you will surely love this game video that is based on the show. Pls. enjoy the game and help Ruff and his friends to avoid all the troubles on their way!

"Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman, sometimes shortened as Fetch!, is a children's television series that was on PBS Kids. It is a reality-game show that is hosted by an animated anthropomorphic dog named Ruff Ruffman who dispenses challenges to the show's real-life contestants. The series ran for five seasons and 100 episodes from May 29, 2006 to November 4, 2010 on PBS, with 30 contestants in that time. In June 2010, WGBH announced that the series would end due to lack of funding. In June 2008, the series received its first Emmy for Best Original Song for its theme."

"Fetch! is a reality-based game show where young contestants take on various challenges to gain points. During these challenges, the contestants must complete a variety of tasks assigned to them ahead of time (and on the fly) by Ruff and surrogates, depending on the situation. There is also an educational component, as contestants often must learn something (i.e. Astronomy, Carpentry, Food Science, Biology, etc.) in order to complete the task.

Not all contestants leave the studio each episode to complete tasks. As determined by the Fetch 3000, the contestants who remain behind in the studio participate in the "Half-Time Quiz Show", in which Ruff asks them ten questions based on the activities of the contestants out on challenges. Out on challenges, contestants have the potential to earn up to 100 points. The contestants in the studio have a chance to win a maximum of 50 points in the "Half-Time Quiz Show". The show has a Fetch Fairness Guarantee; every contestant will "compete for the same number of points" through thirteen challenges and six "Half-time Quiz Shows" before the final episode. Additionally, Ruff assigns "Bone-us" points (usually 5 or 10, but sometimes 15 or 20) to the stand-out contestants. On rare occasions, there is the possibility to earn more than 100 points (outside of any bonuses). The record for most points earned in one episode was 125, by Brian, Noah and Khalil in episode 5, season 1. In Season 4, contestants are able to have 1/2 points (i.e. 5151⁄2 points). At the end of the season, a final point tally is conducted, with the winner of the tally being declared winner of that season to win the "Grand Prize"."

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fetch!_with_Ruff_Ruffman

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Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geyser


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